• The BizzMatcher Investors Plan allow individual investors and VC's to have access to top-notch startups and scale-ups from different fields (FinTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, Commodities, AgriTech, FMCG, GreenTech, PropTech and many more) from all across the world and view all necessary documents including Pitch Decks, Business Plan in order to get in touch with Entrepeneurs in case they would like to invest in any one of the ventures. Signature Network team would be able to connect all stakeholders and do the necessary arrangements from zoom call set up to the proper follow-up until the fundraising is closed.
    The BizzMatcher Entrepreneurs Plan allows startups and scale-ups to display their pitch and all documents related to their ventures, and enables access to investors who can consult and view documentation and pitch. Whenever any investor would like to get in touch with entrepreneur for more details, Signature Network team will facilitate and organize a zoom conference between Entrepreneurs and Investors and VC's upon their availability.
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